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So Here I Am With My New Camara Super Happy I Love Taking Photos Of Anything. I dream to be a photographer when i grow up or a model.


So yeah friends are mean and they fail and do dumb things but i thing that my only friends will be my mom (by the way those are not my moms hands lol) there my friends but still my MOM is awesome she gives me everything but thats not th only reason why she is the best, the reason why she is awesome is because she has always been with me, she takes me every where with her where like two peas in a pod i love her with all my heart and nobody can take her away from me and my brother. <3.<3

Bob Marley

Hi guys well this as you can see is Bob Marley and by the way i love his music and just the other days i went to the gas station and i found whats called a bob marley tea and it was a green tea but it was super good and it said that it would make you relax and take your stress away and by the time i left school when i got home i was super duper relaxed it was funny my mom was like wow you look so tired but really it was the tea that relaxed me. So yeah he is one of a kind and i plan to be the same way.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. by:Bob Marley :)



Hello guys so today is my birthday i'm super happy cause i love my family and friends they made me a card and all my friends signed it and gave it to me today it was awesome. So my mom and stepdad told me what my present is and it's... a trip to the nickelodeon it's going to be super fantastic and my dad is getting me a brand new phone SOOOOOO AWESOME HUH? LOLwell for me it is.

I'TS so crazy i waas dieing to get out of me]y moms belly and look at me now :)

When I was a baby, my mom dropped me in a box of glitter. And I've been shining ever since. I am me, and hun...That is something u will never be :) :D :P

My baby bro <3.<3

I love him he is the best 100% awesome i will always be with him through thick and thin even though we crash heads we love eachother and would do anything for each

what i do when i'm bored :P

Miami Beach International Fashion Week Set For March 21-24

So Cute


Friends are not always the best they can be mean and selfish just like the friends i thought were my true friends instead they were backstabers and they didnt care about me just my money